Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I am not very original with the blog titles this week! I need to concentrate I think!! xx

A big GREEN Cheshire welcome to Wendy who also likes GREEN!! NOT just me then?

This is the last day of January and the last GREEN  post from me, I am sure the colour will creep in there somehow now and again.... cannot have you getting withdrawl now can I? HeHe!

When I post tomorrow the background will have changed ... I did not think I would be SOO fed up with it! Its got a bit boring !! Also I checked out the project and colour for February .... I am SURE this must have been Sally's choice! The colour is VIOLET !! I hardly use this...sort of pinky/purply... sort of!!!?( Not sure I chose the right one there!)   AND the topic is .......... INSECTS ....... I need a VERY BIG thinking cap for this one xxxx

SO I thought I should find a picture to TRY and link the two, this cover was made quite a few years ago. It is on the settee in the back room

I COULD call it the sewing room, because my things are in there... but the dogs sit in there (notice WHO'S settee it is!) The grandsons climb all over this room, and it is the through-fare between the front room ,hall and kitchen!!

I chose this one ...because, it has some GREEN ,some BLUE and ...a sort of VIOLET !! See the link there? TRY HARD ...its there I promise lol x The sashing IS straight its just the way it is draped over!! REALLY!

I am going to miss GREEN but then I do have other colours to blog about....honest lol

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Judy Blinkenberg said...

I love purples and pinks. The blue does look purple too. Nice quilt. Not sure I'd let a dog on my quilts but grandkids are just right. Have a nice day Diane.

Annabelle said...

Goodbye green (one of my least favourite colours) and hello violet (which I love). xx

Ola said...

Wow!!! Quilt and clour choice great!!!! I love viloet and ALL shades of purple. I am soooo looking forward you see your post Diane! x x