Tuesday, 24 January 2012

how long?

3 days to g, 3 days to go....AH!! Alfie is calling!! We have a plan.... I collect the kids from school, Adam and Caroline finish work a bit early, we all go to their house for tea. The baby sitter takes over, Adam drives, Caroline knows the way (and the best car park xx), I have the tickets !! WHAT a plan xx

We are going to The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.... WONDERFUL XX

My GREEN offering for today is a couple of views of my garden from last spring, it is such a dark, wet and dismal day I feel I need a bit of sun and a promise of what is to come xx

You may also notice...if you have sharp eyes ... that the window sill and the bench are GREEN

Keep smiling

Diane xx

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Annabelle said...

Bergenia is such a wonderful plant - it always looks fresh and green and isn't it wonderful to see those spring shoots? There are already daffodils flowering locally (south London), which totally amazes me. I do hope that in your (AB) excitement you are NOT one of those ladies who throws her knickers on stage? Surely not! xx