Wednesday, 25 January 2012


AHH! Rota finished...some time for me, some time to sew.......BUT wait!

I am off out tonight for the night staff Christmas party!!...I know! But getting us all together is a NIGHTMARE! We are going for an Indian meal..... and remember the BLUE cushion? That will be delivered tomorrow!

I am off out on wonder wonder WHO to see xx?

My GREEN offering for today is some of the little ornaments that the grandsons have bought me for in the garden..

Keep smiling....I'm BEAMING

Diane xx


Maggi said...

Lovely ornaments. Enjoy your party. It's a nightmare getting shift workers together at the same time isn't it?

Pat said...

Your green garden ornaments are really cute. The pillow is fabulous, I'm sure your friend will love it. Have a great time out!

Annabelle said...

Lovely cushion. Christmas party ???? Now that is weird. A very colourful garden, I think. As for AB - I think we are all so glad that the day has almost arrived - afterwards I dare say that we shall hear all about it ... and then what will we all have to talk about? xx