Monday, 30 January 2012


Today it is cold, but, we have glorious sunshine here in my corner of Cheshire.... SO a sunny welcome to Catherine xx It is SOOOO exciting to get followers and comments, to think  someone WANTS to read my twitterings is just stunning xx

Because I am going to be busy with other sewing projects this month (will share I PROMISE!!) I had to get my mouthy stitches project DONE ... and of course the zip in the right place ! lol

SO this is where I am at with it . Now we do NOT send it until the 25th of February, but, it is ready to go.... I really like it ..BUT I have that awful sinking....OH! I hope my partner likes it! OH! I hope she will not HATE it!

OH! WELL! I don't have time to make another one ...or do I? NO! I am going to put it in the envelope ,and LEAVE IT ALONE ,we are to post teaser pictures ,so, will post them on the mouthy stitches  page and here later in the month xx

For your GREEN offering today I thought I would share some fabrics....

I am off to do some ironing...funny how when it is MY fabric I skip to it....when it is clothes etc I crawl!!

Keep smiling

(ps did you notice I got the mouthy stitches button/thingy? Adam posted it yesterday.....we got the size wrong first time and it was as BIG as the page!! TeeHee)
Diane xx


Pippa Parsons said...

I'm off to sew now ive got dinner and lunch sorted :O) cold here but we're on snow alert apparently. I'm like you about swops, don't think I'm going to do many i'm too critical and worried about others will think. Must learn how to put a zip in anything :O) have a lovely day

Shaz said...

Can't wait to see your Mouthy Stitch offering, I must go and have a look at the site and see what it is all about.


Hello. I noticed that you have become a new follower - thank you :) I am also very paranoid that as I do like the colour green, may have commented once or twice that I don't like pink and haven't posted that much in reply to your pictures, that it could be me. I am sure that I have been pretty vocal through out the mouthy swaps site though either in my profile or on other peoples posts! You have been amazingly quick off the block. I have been lolling about and ordering stuiff with another 3 weeks to go. Hope your business is lots of fun and not boring stuff.

mammafairy said...

You are not the only one to get the size wrong... I omitted the 'thumbnail' bit of the instructions and got the mega version too, first try!Good to know I am not the only one..