Friday, 27 January 2012


I  am trying to be calm!! I'm TRYING!! I wont be wearing GREEN as his symbol on his site is a RED rose for Lancashire (his home county) may just find something to reflect that xx

Your GREEN for today is really a repeat of yesterday! I realised what an awful picture it was of the Christmas this morning I nipped outside and took some better ones for you...

I forgot to post the pictures of us stuffing our faces on Wednesday night!! There should have been 8 of us but 2 did not turn up. WHY do people do that? Just say...NO I'm not coming ! Oh well the ones who DID turn up had a great time xx

Mind you not sure what happened to this side of the table!! We look a right bunch xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Annabelle said...

Diane - I love the fact that you said 'keep smiling' and then look extremely glum in your pic! Do have a wonderful time at AB - I do know just how much you have been looking forward to it. xxx

Ola said...

Food, friends and crafting:) What else do we need? x x