Sunday, 8 January 2012

The GREEN challenge begins xx

Hello from the first of the GREEN challenge days.

Thank you for your lovely comments, luckily I DO like GREEN and have quite a bit of clothing in this colour ..wearing it EVERY day? we will have to see !!

I have been to mum and dads for dinner (she always cooks my Sunday dinner the weekend I work xx how LUCKY am I?), and I wore this blouse.

This little quilt was made a while ago ,and sits on the settee to protect the covers from doggy bodies.

It has always been a favourite of mine.

I made it in the days when I did not really know WHAT I was doing!!

Just looked at the label ... 2001! Gosh! Just shows it is worth putting at least the date on your quilts xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Pippa Parsons said...

its lovely I do like the colours, my first quilts are my favourites, even if they aren't square, the seams are beginning to come undone, the 9 patches were far from even :) why is it a green day, have I missed something (probably, Jan seems to be a rush and i'm missing out on important blogs....)

quiltmania said...

It's always fun to look back at our first quilts. Thanks for sharing!