Friday, 6 January 2012

have I mentioned?

Did I mention passing.. that 3 WEEKS today I will be going to see ALFIE BOE !!!! Excitement continues to grow!! xx AAAHHHHH x

A very warm Cheshire welcome, to Karen and Honey field orchard blog ... sorry I don't have your name xx Hope you enjoy visiting here x

I had 2 calendars for Christmas, one had penguins and the other has quotes ... These are the January quotes

I like this one the best xx

Adam payed for his tea yesterday by putting the button for the rainbow swap on the side bar...and it works xx there were still a few places left x

Thanks for the comments about the green project, I do like green ... I was not sure about the AMOUNT ... however it does work. Amanda washers take some getting used to...and now you have a good excuse to get out the sewing machine and the fabric...go for it xx

I was commenting on a blog and got to thinking about the letters (words) at the bottom, to verify the comment, I am sure it is a boring computer programme ... but WHAT A JOB that would be .... to make up silly words to be used for this purpose !!  It was just a random thought ... where do I apply lol

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Maggi said...

Love the second calendar.

quiltmania said...

I'm feeling a little bit like a Cello myself. Glad that the eating season is over.