Thursday, 12 January 2012

quilt group

Tonight is the first meeting of this year for Sandbach Sew-and-Sews quilt group. That means fees to pay... and LOTS of talking as we catch up on the Christmas and New Year news. I will be taking the GREEN cushion for show-and-tell.

The programme says ... bring a picture of yourself as a child!! NO idea what that is about !! I will report back tomorrow !! WATCH this space xx

To-day I am going to post GREEN pictures of portions of a quilt that I am working on

I am NOT showing you the whole thing

You will just have to wait until it is finished !!

To give you a smile ... THIS is the hard life that Sam has been having !!

Keep smiling

Diane x


Pat said...

Well, I like the pieces of your quilt! And I think Sam needs a belly rub!

Maggi said...

The views of your quilt are lovely. Great beading on the prairie points. Poor Sam, it is such a hard life being a dog!

mammafairy said...

This quilt is looking interesting, more to be seen when?

Look forward to the whole thing. Please.

quiltmania said...

Ahhhh, Sam is so cute!

Mad about Craft said...

Such a hard life!

Are you going to the quilting fabric sale in Nantwich on 22nd Jan?

Rosemary said...

Love the beads! Your dog looks quite happy!

Shaz said...

That quilt looks really interesting - can't wait to see it all!

Annabelle said...

Wonderful sharp corners - I am (green!) with envy. xx

Carla said...

This project looks amazing!