Saturday, 14 January 2012

sewing today

Today I have been sewing...just not my favourite kind. I layered and then basted the T-Q-S block of the month! PHEW! It is 79x79 inches! To me that's BIG!!

By the time it was done I was pretty sick of the sight of it. It is now hanging over the bannister rail...waiting ... until I feel like getting to the quilting xx

I have 2  GREEN offerings for you today .................

(can you believe it is half way through the month and I am STILL finding GREEN offerings? I promise I will stop when we reach February lol )

.......The first is

The fabric I cut into 56 squares for the Rainbow swap. I do like spotty fabric xx This was  entrusted to the Post office... and Emily has posted that it arrived safe and sound xx

The second is......

The hat that has been keeping my head and ears toasty and warm for the last 2 days. It has been frosty and COLD here, and , this hat has made sure I stay warm.xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Pat said...

Well, I for one, love green! It's my favorite color!

It's been really cold here that last couple of days. I even had a snow day off from work yesterday. Stay warm and keep thinking GREEN! :)

Catherine said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt! That green spotty fabric is beautiful, I love spots too.