Monday, 2 January 2012

The Plan

A warm New Year welcome to Kelly, Elvy and Mina (love the dog in the picture by the way) is SOO much fun to welcome you all to my little corner of the world. Hope you come back often xx

I had a plan for this morning.... get up early (well it was 07.30 so not too bad), check e-mails (did that), QUICK look at the blogs from overnight .....

OK that's where it fell apart! I have had fun reading them all who is worried about the passing time ? Well not me! Mind you I still have the ironing to do (that was my next thing on the list!!), it can get done anytime!

So what am I going to talk about today? Its NOT sewing related ...

Here goes ... I have decided to give up on the latest book on the reading list  (there are 4 of us in a book group ..2 in England 2 in Australia), having made the decision...and announcing it ... the others have breathed a sigh of relief!! So THIS pile of drivel gets 6 out of 40 from us

We are now to read this

WHO wrote this list? OH well...the idea was to push us out of our comfort zones...will keep you posted!

Just one last thing (this is NOT sewing related either!!) I am on the MOST exciting countdown EVER!!!!

These tickets are WAITING to be used

25 days to wait ...AHH! BLISS

Sally and I saw ,and heard him in Les Miserables in London last year ....

I could barely speak for DAYS!! So be warned I will be mentioning this visit OFTEN!!!!!!!

Keep smiling



Mina said...

Hello and thanks for the welcome!

I have a plan for this morning too....take down Christmas decorations before I go back to work tomorrow, but then my mom called and wants me over for lunch.

I guess my Christmas decorations can wait a bit longer (along with the dishes and laundry).

PS. I love the picture of your parents eating ice cream. Thats the kinda picture that I would take of my parents.

Janet said...

I have no idea who Alfie Boe is.... Please tell us more. And sounds like you are in an on-line reading group. What a great idea!