Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The garden

I love my garden , and in the spring, summer and autumn I am out there "pottering" all the time. During the winter months I tend to scuttle in and out VERY quickly!!

My trips out there are usually the quick can I get there and back to the bin .... OR ... the "quick do what you are doing so I can clean it up AND do not DARE do any more while I am cleaning up" conversations with the dogs as I clean up any "offerings" left out there!

SO, when the wind dies down, or the rain eases up, or the sun finds its watery and weak way around the clouds ..... I do pause to see what is happening out there.

I never get tired or stop being amazed at the resilience of nature.

AND I love that NEW green that holds such promise of what is to come.

Now these are on the way ....yes the frost may slow them up...but ... there will soon be flowers to admire , AS WELL as the weeds that are growing at an even quicker pace HeHe

Keep smiling

Diane xx


ga447 said...

I love gardens, please keep us posted. I got 2 onions before Christmas. I was in Harrogate one year and they had a garden show, it was lovely.

quiltmania said...

Nothing like the promise of spring! Can't wait to see what your garden looks like in full bloom.

Shaz said...

How wonderful to see those plants breaking through the earth - I simply cannot imagine it
It's just life carrying on, isn't it?

Ola said...

Love gardening! Before we moved into the flat we had a small front garden where I grew onions and carrots and some flowers. But now, stuck in a city centre I can't do it! I love your pictures:) x