Sunday, 15 January 2012

Welcome to Ruth, I hope you come back often to visit with us here xx

Judy thank you for your kind as I am 56 and you are 63...that would you make you a VERY young mother to me!! Is there something you are NOT telling us here?
 lol x

Today we went to Adams for our dinner....OH YES! HE cooks for us ...and a good job he makes of it too xx This week was roast beef and Yorkshire pudding mmm It was DELICIOUS

THEN it was time for ......

CAKE!! This supper Caterpillar was dads birthday cake (some GREEN smarties on the cake!!)

SORRY if you wanted a piece ........... but ...........its all gone!!

Here are some pictures of us BEFORE we ate all that cake!

Trying to get them all together...then SMILE at the same time is like herding cats!!! x

I am wearing a GREEN cardigan ...not letting the side down!!

I look as if I am about to cut my fingers off!

Keep smiling



pattypan.2 said...

Looks as though you had a lovely family day. Special days. Like the Caterpillar



Pippa Parsons said...

lovely piccies and the cake looks yummy... if its the tesco one I know its yummy :)

Kelly said...

Love the pics and that cake looks yum!

Anonymous said...

Great time with family! My Dads Birthday is Monday the 16th! He is so excited, he always thought it was a feat to get to his 50th! Now he has that and 30 more! I love every minute I can now! Thanks for the wonderful pictures! Hugs, Kim C

Annabelle said...

Lovely family days - they are so precious. xx