Thursday, 22 December 2011

WHAT a night! WHAT a day

Phew back to work with a BANG!! Extra beds opened extra staff (of course) to look after them, chaos rules as usual...WHEN will we stop manging on the hoof ...and PLAN instead?

OH well! we all survived, the night DID end and although we may have been a bit batted and foot/leg weary we will all be back to night...I HOPE!

My cradle did NOT need rocking this morning I can tell you!


I got up to the sun shining...OK its still cold, but it was dry and bright, and I had ALL your lovely comments to read....once again THANK YOU SO MUCH. Its what blogging is all about, knowing you are not talking to yourself lol xx

I have had a brisk, mind clearing (doesn't take much!) walk with the dogs, a cuppa with mum and dad and now I am heating up some home made pea and ham soup for my is GOOD.

I thought I would share this little fairy/angel with you. I made her a couple of years ago.

Her waist line (much like my own) is non-existent!

 Her legs (not like mine) are long and skinny. and her hair is a mess (no comment!!)...but she is bright and cheerful xx

Hoping you have had a good day

Keep smiling

Diane xx


quiltmania said...

Your Angel is perfect, just like you! As we get older, our waist lines slip, but as long as our minds don't, it's all good. Have a great holiday season with your beautiful family.

Shaz said...

I love your angel - she is really gorgeous!