Monday, 19 December 2011


Well...the short term memory loss well and truely kicked in yesterday! The title was to indicate what I was going to be doing yesterday....and I was going to tell you ALL about it. Did you see ANY mention of dinner? NO neither did I!! OH WELL! ......YESTERDAY we went out for dinner!

Each year we go out as a family for dinner on the Sunday closest to Christmas, it depends on my shift pattern as to when we go...and yesterday was our day out xx

 We had a great time, it is just a local pub...that does good food!

We had crackers, and food, and we had lots to laugh about...and it was a great way to end my week of "getting it all crammed in before I go back to work!!" YES! I was just slipping towards the floor here...NOT due to alcohol consumption...due to James!!

THANK YOU all for your kind comments about the B-O-T-M, I am still working away at it....I added a spacer border....the dark blue...

now I am SLOWLY adding the last star border, there are 72 of these! ALL made ,just need sorting, finishing and attaching as a border! ... easy!

I am also making the log cabin corner blocks.....

All the fabrics have come from my I have to keep trying to ... not match exactlly...just find similar value , colour choices. (I am not sure WHY this has come out in itallics! wont come off...SO technically challenged!)

 I WILL finish this by the New Year, Amanda,I dont know if I will do the new one....I have printed off the pre-making instructions and am having a read!! Thats about it so far. I have not come across Sarah Vedeler before (or not knowingly any way), so it could be interesting. Not made my mind up either way.

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Jane in Wales said...

I am very impressed. Those star borders are beautiful! It will be stunning when it is finished.

Kate said...

Well that is a lot of stars!!

Julie Fukuda said...

If that is a "Block-of-the-month", your year must be a lot longer than mine! That is really a lot of work but won't it be lovely when finished! I love the idea of eating out. No meal prep clean up just fun.