Thursday, 15 December 2011


Good morning from a SUNNY Crewe, I know! Cannot understand this weather at all! The forecast for later is back to being AWFUL so...I am going to enjoy it while I can!!

I'm with you Maggi, BRISK walking is definitely the order of the day.

Of course this can get complicated. There is Gus....

WHO hates the cold, the wet, the wind and the rain!! , This time of year he goes for a walk because he HAS  to ,not because he WANTS  to! He definitely walks at a brisk pace fact he would RUN if he could!!

THEN there is Sam...

Who LOVES the cold, wet, wind and rain!! He LOVES to be outside ( he thought it was GREAT fun that I was chasing him round the garden to try and get a picture...that's MY exercise for the day!!) He will stay out all day, when we go for a walk he stops at every crack in the pavement for a sniff!!

So, between the 2 of them, we walk at a sort of

Stop...start...quickish walk!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Maggi said...

Gus looks very cute in his scarf. I had a brisk walk to the library in bright sunshine too this morning but the sky is now black.

Anonymous said...

I have spent a lifetime with dogs and cats but now down to only one cat. From this weekend the last of my children will have left home - boo hoo - perhaps time for another dog and a cat?
Happy to have found your interesting blog - we have a lot in common.