Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Rota finished, no work for me tonight...AHH! That is such a wonderful feeling x

NOW, what will I do with myself tonight? I could listen to this...

This is one of my presents from Australia, I could also chill out while smelling
 one of these...

The brown box (isn't it wonderful xx) has orange and cinnamon candles and incense sticks, they are from my friend Sue

The tea lights are so pretty,they were from Adam and Caroline xx almost too pretty to burn! They have a light flowery smell.

Also the new block-of-the-month has been published...look to the sidebar for the button, badge, thingy-ma-whatsit (!!) for the link, this month's block has been designed by Pat Sloan.

So I could work on that ...will have to see how I feel when I have had my tea

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Pat said...

Relax and enjoy! I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with to create!

Jane in Wales said...

You could of course be really hedonistic and do all three......
Whatever you do, it sounds like fun!