Monday, 5 December 2011


Welcome to Josie and Tina...hope you like it here, and to ga447 ....sorry to be so formal,but I only have your screen name xx

I am having a sit down!! I seem to have been on the go since I got out of bed this morning!

What have I been doing?.....WELL

I had the washer going, I did all the ironing, I took all the letters and parcels for Australia, to the Post Office, THEN...

I went to grandson no 2 nativity play...the kids were so good,some of the parents could take a leaf out of the kids book!! I did not get a picture of him this time...he was a sheep!! He was too far away from where we were sitting for a good picture...he has not forgiven me for last years picture yet!! It is in the bribery and corruption folder for when he gets older!!...OK I will give you a look...just don't tell him I showed it to you!! (he was a robin!!)

THEN I went Christmas shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got to get 3 vouchers requested by the intended recipients... and I am DONE !! That's a great feeling I have to tell you!

NOW I am worn out! I am going to have my tea and then if I have any energy I may make the November block of the month....this is October...I made it yesterday

Well done to Maureen by the way...she made all 3 at once! Puts me under even more pressure to catch up!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Rosemary said...

Just saw that you joined this BOM. I've been doing it since it started and love making these blocks. I love your fabrics and just wanted to tell you! They're quick blocks and great fun. Enjoy!!

Judy said...

I give the parents money to buy gifts for the kids. I love your blocks. Can you give the block size? I think your color choices are terrific. I look forward to the quilt! Great job.