Friday, 9 December 2011


Welcome to Alisa...our newest reader here at The Cheshire quilter. Hope you enjoy your visits xx

It was quilt group in Sandbach last night. When I was nearly there I realised I had left my camera at, no pictures I am afraid.....sorry. HOWEVER this is my present from the swap

Looks good doesn't it? I AM going to resist opening it until 25th !!

We had 2 goodness some of those women are competitive!! Chris (my quiz partner) and I  got told off for not taking it seriously ....that just made us worse!! Needless to say we did not win any prizes!

Had a good time though xx LOTS of food, as usual there was not much left to take home!! Good sign I think. Got the programme for next year...must put it in a safe place !!

I am back at work tomorrow night so today is my last chance to get organised...the plan for today is...I am going to get my last 3 presents 

THEN I can begin sort out the list for Christmas cards, and wrapping presents....OH GOOD!

THEN this evening grandson no1 is coming...we are off out to the pictures, he has chosen to see HUGO....I have NO IDEA what it is about...will let you know (as long as I don't disgrace myself and go to sleep!!) 

ALSO I also have a VERY important sewing job to complete today

This casualty was brought to me by grandson no2....I HAVE to fix it, or, my reputation for ..."grandma can mend anything" will go out the window xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx

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Anonymous said...

Poor Poor Pengie! It's great being a Fix it for me please Grandma! I love it! I enjoyed reading your blog and I will be back. Nice too meet you.