Thursday, 8 December 2011


WHAT A NIGHT, I love going to the opera and this one met all was  WONDERFUL . Adam (son) and Caroline (his partner) came with me so, I did not have to drive, or find the car park or a space in the car was great....I just sat back and enjoyed the whole night. AAHHH! Want to go again now!

I am off out AGAIN tonight...I told you it must be social life happens in these few weeks!! This time it is Sandbach quilt group's Christmas party. MORE food ! I have mine here ready....YES I bought it in M&S!!

We have a challenge for tonight....bring a gift for the tombola/secret Santa/raffle/swap ...WHATEVER you want to call it! The gift must cost NO MORE than £3. In these days of mass consumerism that's a challenge in itself.

I went to my stash and found ribbon and fabric...and made a little bag...

THEN I went to my recycled Christmas bag stash and found a bag....

SO my £3 was spent on some chocolate to go into the bag.......RESULT I managed the challenge.

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Kate said...

What a great pattern for a Christmas gift bag thing! It's very eye catching.

Catherine said...

I would have been delighted to get that! So pretty. And chocolate too!