Sunday, 11 December 2011


When Sally was getting ready to go to Australia we discussed various ways of keeping in touch with each other, we decided we wanted projects to work at that would keep a connection as well as talking and writing. This blog was one of those projects, another is a book club. There are 4 of us involved.... 2 in Australia ,and 2 here in England.

Between us we have compiled a list of 100 , some old favourites, some new, some nominated by us, some from book club recommended reading lists. Our first book was ....

This was a topical choice ,not only because of the time of year , but also for the fact  of there being celebrations of his life and death at the moment. we read and commented and voted for it out of got 16 out of 40....not going to be a top runner then!

Our second book is....

We are ALL new to it...and ALL struggling !! I don't care about any of the characters, I don't care about the story (there is one?), I am finding ALL SORTS of things to do rather than read it !! I have visions of equally bored teenagers being forced to read it as part of their school exams!!

I have not given up on it YET....just off to descale the kettle

Keep smiling

Diane xx

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Amanda said...

Oh, how could you have given A Christmas Carol such a low score! It's a wonderful story. I know I'm biased though. My father used to read it to me every Christmas when I was a child and I've read it for myself every year since, so that's nearly sixty readings and I still love it.