Saturday, 3 December 2011

machine quilting

Hello, to Anne and Kate, our 2 new visitors. Hope you enjoy being here. x

Yesterday I planned to make the cushion cover for Australia, and, I did!! Whoop ! The 2 are ready to be posted...I have to go to the post office on they will go then. (just the covers going ...they can buy their own inner pads!! He-He)It's good to actually DO what you planned.

I also had a plan for today...YES you guessed, it went off a good way.
I have a baby quilt to make, my fabric arrived (I LOVE my Postman!!....he just doesn't know!!). and it was washed, ironed and layered in NO time at all! You may notice the piece of wadding is JUST big was in my stash and OBVIOUSLY saved for this project (yerr right!),

As this is a baby quilt,and, NOT precious (we ALL know what babies DO on EVERYTHING!!) I decided it was to be a quick job...still a "good" job, but, quick! I like to have something to listen to when machine quilting,,,,I use that term loosely as I REALLY mean holding down with some zig-zag stitches! 

SO, I put on Eleanor Burns latest posting for Tales from First ladies 2011 ( if you have not been following this ...and want to...go to go to the media library and there you go! You have a whole years worth of shows to watch!!)

November is all about machine quilting! She and her guest...Brenda...are just soo funny! I ended up watching NOT sewing!! Mind you....I have picked up some really GOOD tips that I intend to use on this little quilt.


Keep smiling

Diane xx


Kate said...

That'll be a cute little quilt!!

Judy said...

I haven't visited for awhile and I've missed so much! I love your pillow!
And your baby quilt, love the print. I started one but the fabric seemed to blah so I'll do something else. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Love your cushion covers! The little quiltie is sweet as well.