Saturday, 10 December 2011


A warm welcome to Kim c, it is lovely to know you found us here. It is wonderful of Lily to share her blog and give us all a chance to meet each other xx

Remember this from yesterday?


Phew ...I'm safe...I was able to mend the reputation is intact, until next time that is!!

Grandson no 1 and I went to the pictures last night, we saw HUGO. I have to say ...not the greatest film I have ever seen...but watchable. Josh LOVED it! Nothing like watching with a  child, who is seeing and hearing these plot lines for the first time, to allow you to enjoy something in a new way.

I am back at work tonight, so the sewing will slow down again....mind you with my busy week I think a rest will not come amiss xx

Judy asked me for the size of the B-O-T-M block...and I keep forgetting to say...sorry! It is 81/2 "...8" when in the quilt. I am not sure when the December block will be published...the date for other months is 25 !! I think it may change this month!! lol

Keep smiling

Diane xx

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