Saturday, 17 December 2011

OH YES WE DID....enjoy ourselves

A very warm welcome to Shaz, it is lovely to have you here with us xx
To Annabelle, you can pinch any idea you want xx
Oh what a day! The snow came down

and down...

and down...
I know by some standards this is not much ...but...for CREWE!! We are very sheltered here ,we have hills ALL round that keep out the snow!! Well it did not work yesterday!
I was beginning to worry...Sue lives in Weaverham, about 20-25 min drive from here the dry!! She had rung to say it was worse there...and was not sure if she would make the panto...OH NO!!!
Well a bit of faith and a bit of rain ....and we all made it !!!

Sue and I took the boys

We waited outside in the cold! Adam, Caroline and mum were to meet us

I sent the 3 excited ones inside to find the seats and I WAITED!

Just before it started they arrived (phew)....from the BAR!! Where they had been IN THE WARM ,having a drink!!!!
We clapped and shouted, we booed and sang, we jumped up and down ...and had the most wonderful time. Sue pretended to be embarrassed when her name was called out...THEN admitted she had LOVED it! xx

Josh (8) joined in at every stage...James (6) sat with eyes and mouth wide open for most of it!!
Sue says it was the BEST birthday present EVER!!

Job done xxx

For those who have never been to PANTO and don't know what the heck I am on about (!!!) just google the most wonderful, MAD British custom!!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx

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Maggi said...

Glad that the snow didn't stop you all enjoying yourselves. Looks like Sue had a great time. Amazingly for the Peak District we have had no snow yet - shouldn't have said that should I!!!