Friday, 16 December 2011


Welcome to Annabelle, I hope you find this corner of Cheshire interesting xx

This is to be my project for today...not telling you what it is yet! I will see how much of it I get done, and that will decide WHEN I tell you what it is all about!! I know ...I'm mean at times lol x

Tonight we are all (family) off out to the see...


As well as the family we are taking my mate Sue (this is her at he graduation as a physio...this was earlier this year and the result of 4 years hard work)

We are going tonight is Sues birthday,(forty something) and I found out this year that she has NEVER been to panto....OH NO SHE HASN'T !!!

So, we are taking her as her birthday treat........I have also arranged that her name will be called out and she will be invited up on stage .....I am SURE she will go!!  SOOO looking forwards to it all. Will be reporting back tomorrow xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Amanda said...

Have a wonderful time. I love panto, though I haven't been for a few years now, but it was a 'must do' event on our calendar when our boys were small. We've all acted in a fair few as well. Oh yes, we have!

Maggi said...

Looks like some paper piecing to me, will await the result with anticipation. Congratulations to Sue on her achievements and birthday, I hope she enjoys the panto.

Annabelle said...

Firstly, what a lovely welcome - I have never thought of doing this but (if I may) will pinch your idea.
Secondly - a panto - what fun!
After being ill for over a year (read blog to explain) would love to go just about anywhere!!
Am trying to make up for my ordeal by enjoying myself - panto is a good idea (with grandchildren, of course!
Annabelle xxx