Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Welcome to Catherine, I hope you find something of interest to read here xx

It was the Christmas party and last meeting of the year for the Congleton (Beartown) quilt group last night. There was LOTS of food

the table was groaning in protest by the time it was all put out!!
NOT much left at the end though!! Remember I threw my challenge piece in the bin? Well there were LOTS of other entries mine was not missed!!

This cake was the winner...Margaret was inspired to make it while making her Christmas cake! This one made of fabric NOT fruit though xx

There were lots of enjoy the show

The voting is done by putting coins into the saucers...winner has most COINS not the value of the goes into the charity box.

There has  been a group making post cards this last year, its not my kind of thing

....but the ladies involved have enjoyed themselves

as is shown by the number made x

I have just one more picture for you then I am off for to-day.....I AM SO EXCITED....I am off out again tonight...I KNOW!! It must be Christmas!!

I am going to the theatre to see......

I am going with Adam (son) and Caroline (his partner), no Alfie Boe I am afraid (sigh) BUT it is the Glynbourne touring company SO....yummy yummy!!

Will report back to-morrow

Keep smiling (I am!!)

Diane xx


ga447 said...

Love the photos and what a wonderful talented group. Enjoy the performance.

Pat said...

It's looks like you had a lovely time. And tonight you get to go to the theater! WOOHOO!

Amanda said...

What a wonderful lot of quilts and other christmassy goodies. Sounds like fun. Have a super time tonight, La Boheme is one of my favourite operas.

Rosemary said...

Your party looks like such fun! What great quilts! Enjoy your opera!!