Tuesday, 20 December 2011

keeping going

Thank you for your continuing support with this quilt top. I am not really a fan of making quilts with lots of small pieces...and lots of points....especially when they have to join up in an obvious way!! Meaning IT SHOWS when they don't!!!

SO WHY you ask did I start this one?

WELL I wanted to prove to myself that just because I don't LIKE to do it...it does mot mean I CAN NOT do it!! Do you follow the logic?

One of the reasons it has been stop, and , go ...is ALL the small pieces, and the NON joining points!

HOWEVER... I am keeping going!!


I now have 2 sides of the border on ....... WHOOPEE!!

This is the final border .......I CAN DO IT...I am on the home stretch now

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Sharyn said...

Your quilt looks absolutely fabulous, don't worry about your stars, like I say, if you can't see the problems from a train travelling at 50 kph, then it doesn't matter!

I love stars and your stars look good!


Amanda said...

You are going to be so proud of this quilt once it's finished. I hope you've got a very special place to keep it and show it off.

Anonymous said...

Well done Diane - I love the bright colours - It is going to be beautiful!


Pat said...

You CAN do it and it is looking FABULOUS!

Maggi said...

Your non-matching points won't even be noticed once this beautiful quilt is finished. Stunning.

Catherine said...

That's really amazing. I follow your logic completely - I think you're going to be especially proud of this one.

Judy said...

So Impressed! Love it. It's a great quilt!