Wednesday, 2 November 2011

what a day

This is DEFIANTLY a good day.........happy dance....happy dance...

The postman did his best for me today...just look what he brought

I am MOST defiantly in Alfie heaven!!!! My fav of the new CD is ...Song to the siren... a duet with Robert Plant...this just may be my funeral song!! LOVE it...I am sure there will be a recording on YouTube.....Ah! Sigh....OH! Drifted off for a moment then.

ALSO this morning I went to get some dog food, just "called in" to  M+S food hall and HAD to buy some goodies!!


as I was going back to the car I was kidnapped....honestly...and forced into HobyCraft!!! They would not let me out until I had bought a "few" things....and ....they gave me a voucher with money off....SO I have to go back now and buy more!! This is not going to be good for my bank balance!! lol

Keep smiling

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Primitive Treasures said...

I know the feeling happens to me when I'm on Elaine's e-bay site. I'll be happily scrolling through her listings, then, all of a sudden, wham! Someone comes up behind me and clicks on 'Buy it now'. I try to grab the mouse with all my strength, but it's no good, they manage to do it every time and I'm powerless to stop them!
I love the Quilty bits you made!
You could take your CD into work and see if it gets your patients off to sleep...turn the volume down though, or they'll all be wide awake!
Love Karen xx