Tuesday, 1 November 2011

new month

1st of November already ...WHERE is this year going? I think I must have had an extra sleep and missed a couple of days!!

Welcome to Debra...new follower, I hope you enjoy reading my mutterings.

Its my last night tonight...AH! Then some time off and the chance to get some sewing done.

Last night was MANIC!! I think the Halloween spirits were out in force!! Never mind, when it did calm down I was sort of vegetating and thinking about the Beartown (Congleton) Christmas challenge...and an idea came to me...so when I got up earlier I got out one of my books (whoops the picture came out sideways!!)

and a piece of paper, and have come up with an idea of what I am going to do......just need some time to "have-a-go. Watch this space.

keep smiling

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