Thursday, 24 November 2011

how-to part 1

I have named this part 1 because, with being back at work it may take me a while to get it all together!

First off you need to choose a pattern, I would aim for simple to start with..lot less frustration and tears! I have used a pattern out of this book, however there are many books, magazines, downloads etc to choose from...have FUN finding your favorite from what is on offer out there.

Draw out your design on paper...any will do as long as you can SEE what you have drawn!! I have used the copy paper the boys use for drawing on. I have only traced part of the design...because..... I am a smarty pants and am confident enough to move it around..but when you are starting draw the whole thing (x) I use an ordinary pencil..nothing fancy...YES! One of the boys!! Having grandchildren is WONDERFUL for resources!

When you have chosen you choose your fabric! When you first start it is best to go with a plain fabric that you can see through me life will be simpler! The books (etc) will tell you what size to cut it...I usually go a bit bigger then you have space to trim to the size you want when finished.

I like to find the centre of my fabric by folding...then gentle iron marks it for me

Notice the fancy ironing surface? YES its a tea towel on the worktop! All mod cons here!

Off to finish the tea, Adam and James are here tonight and we are having fish pie...OK that means throw everything in a pie dish and leave it ...but HEY! That's my style ...and what they expect!! lol

More tomorrow                                                                                                                       

Keep smiling                                                                                                                          

Diane xx                                                                                                                                


Pippa Parsons said...

I know what to do because I took the course, have got some bias binding already made up, just too lazy to get a design and dh always wants something really elaborate. might just do something about it soon

Amanda said...

I'm looking forward to this as it will be a completely new technique for me to play with. I'm doing a City and Guilds course in Patchwork and Quilting and a learning loads of new stuff, so this will be another notch on my sewing machine.

Judy said...

This is wonderful! I'm looking forward to your next blog. I have seen people use light boxes for transferring designs. It is so cool!!
I'm on my daughters iPad. Judy from Blinkeysblog

Judy said...

I wanted to ask you, how did you get the blogger button to your blog? I have been trying and trying w/o success. You can email me thanks so much. judy