Saturday, 19 November 2011

getting organised

Next Tuesday is quilt group in Congleton, the topic is Celtic I haven't read the programme (!), I know what it is because I have been asked to help out!!

There is to be a demonstration and then a block making session. The organisers want someone on each table who ....and I quote..."knows what they are doing" seem I fall into that I am to be a helper.

Also we have been asked to take samples for others to look at.

SO. do I take a small piece...such as a sample

or a cushion...

or a small wall hanging?

OR should I go with a wall hanging/table runner?

Then again there is a larger wall hanging

with embellishments of course....

then there is my Christmas lap quilt

which I LOVE

maybe I will just take them all!! More the merrier xx

Keep smiling
Diane xx


Amanda said...

You obviously do know what you're doing with celtic work, they're all lovely. I've never tried this technique, so wish I was coming to your group meeting to learn how.

Judy said...

Diane, this is wonderful work. You have such a talent for these Celtic patterns.Is it ribbon sewn onto fabric? The Christmas quilt is beautiful. And a note, your brothers all look great!

Pippa Parsons said...

oh i love them all, I did a celtic course with quilt university and was surprised I liked hand stitching so much, my dh really likes celtic things but I only did a tablerunner which got given away as a Christmas present...ahh inspiration for my mug rug swop. I really really like the Christmas lap quilt, beautiful colours and the silver accents it wonderfully