Saturday, 26 November 2011

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Thank you so much for the feed back, it is nice to know you understand me!!

Maggi ,thanks for the best wishes, mum is dong well xx

Pippa, starting small is good... it means you are more likely to finish it!

Amanda ,I am soo jealous! Doing courses such as C and G is on my DEFINITELY to do list when I retire.

Judy ,I wish I could say I put the blogger symbol up...but it was my son! I will ask him "how" ... and let you know! x

I promised to talk about bias today, home made is good, and easy (ask if you want THAT topic covering!) and allows you to incorporate the same fabric as you have in the rest of the quilt.

I DO like bought bias! Especially Clover, they have all the colours of the rainbow, and they have a bias that has bonding material on the back.

When you start look for an area you have marked where the bias goes UNDER, this way you hide any joins with the bias that goes OVER.

Lay your bias strip over the pencil covering it up. Remember to follow your marks for where to thread the bias under and over (this is the appeal of Celtic as you weave the pattern to form a knot).

Even though I like the bias with the bonded backing I pin it all down before I do anything else, when you come to curves the bias will allow this, when you come to corners try and make as crisp a fold as will show later!

I am a show off and have a Clover bias iron!! But as long as you are careful any iron can be used to fuse it careful the iron is not too hot, also that you don't iron yourself instead of the bias...done that a time or 3!!!

When it is all pinned down THEN I go over it with the iron to TEMPORARILY hold it all in place so that I can begin the sewing.

(I LOVE this variegated bias)

That's it for today, I am off to take the boys for a walk, they are both sat looking at me!! AHH! The demands of pet ownership! lol

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Maggi said...

Really good explanation. Clover do a brilliantly simple bias binding making tool as well so you really can use whatever fabric you want.

Judy said...

Love This! yes it is a great explanation. I have never looked for the Clover bias tape. This is one of the nicest, interesting, and something I would make, tutorials! I would like to do this on a table runner/tablecloth. It makes it look special and something you don't see in the "store" type tablecloths. Thank you Diane