Friday, 11 November 2011

Armastice day

This cross is to go to the garden of remembrance in London. My brother, Barry, was in the forces for 24 years and, on Sunday he will be marching at the remembrance service. He will be there with 39 other ex-members of his regiment .My mum is going to be glued to the TV in an attempt to spot him in the crowd!! He just has to remember to take my tribute, for all the nurses who have lost their lives in the many conflicts around the world, across the years.

I was in Dunelm Mill today and saw these 2 Santa's....they INSISTED that they come home with me!!! I have lots of tea light, and these will come to good use over the holidays.

It was quilt group in Sandbach last night, we had a Christmas make...well 2 actually! I have been playing with the first one that was demonstrated.....

This is my BIG effort..

Then I had a go at a small one..(Amanda notice BEADS used in these xx)

Do you know how HARD it was to take some decent pictures of this one? It is hanging on a pen, that is hanging out of the cupboard door!!

I am going to have a go at a few more this evening...tomorrow I am going to have a go at the second one that was demonstrated........THEN, I have to go back to I am not sure how much sewing will get done then.

Keep smiling
Diane xx


Anonymous said...

The baubles are great. Very innovative way to get them photographed.

Amanda said...

The baubles are wonderful, but they look huge. I've been trying to work out how they're made. Are they made around a styrofoam ball?