Tuesday, 8 November 2011


The weather is telling us it is defiantly winter. This is the sort of weather we are having at the moment. That is Gus disappearing into the fog!!

Today is wet, wet, wet. It has been drizzling all morning. It means you are soaked through every time you leave the house....so best to stay in I say!!

Gus is NOT keen on the wet, or the damp, he was happier with the frost!

Sam is much more laid back, mind you he has a thicker coat!! He just loves to go out!

I got over my miff with the Christmas challenge, it is out of the bin and sitting on the worktop! I got to work on the wall hanging with the folded fabric in the block ....and (drum roll) ....here it is....

I have enjoyed working on this and I think it will be done again. I have had fun with folding the points in different directions, and...of course, the embellishments.

I am off to quilt group in Congleton (Beartown) tonight, so I will have 2 wall hangings and a cushion to show. I think it is The Quilters Guild suitcase exhibit tonight...not sure which one ...I really should read the programme more often!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Anonymous said...

Horrible weather isn't it? Do take care on the roads tonight. I'm glad that your challenge came out of the bin as you have done a lovely job with it. Those buttons are the icing on the cake.

Judy said...

We have morning fog which I too don't like to drive in. Your pictures are really pretty, especially that spider web. Nature is amazing. Love that wall hanging, the button IS the icing on the cake.