Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Mum had her procedure yesterday...one stent inserted...one area drilled! I did not ask too many questions about that! Best not to know I feel...I just know it was a success!

They kept her in over night, she had 2 angina attacks during the procedure...but none since ..success. 

She was a bit rough last night when we visited, typical woman, trying to RUN before even being able to CRAWL! However, this morning she is MUCH better...and wants to come home! I have to ring at dinner time for the final OK ,then, I will go and collect her.....I recon we will ALL have to watch out then!

Judy...ribbon is not good for Celtic work as it does not "bend" enough, Amanda ...sorry you cannot come to quilt group ,I will take you in spirit...not much fun for you I know.

I feel another "how-to" coming on!....when I have a bit of time to myself I will put together another little photo teaching aid.

Just to make us smile on a dull day....

Keep smiling

Diane xx

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Amanda said...

I hope your mum isn't too much trouble once she returns home, wanting to do too much and having to be reined back! What a lovely sunflower picture, just what's needed on another grey, cold and dreary NOVEMBER day - I feel that I have to write it in capitals to emphasise how novemberish it is.