Friday, 18 November 2011

about Sam

Sam is 3 years old, his dad is a Staffy (Staffordshire terrier), his mum is a Jack Russell/Yorkshire terrier ALL terrier...and lovely!! He loves to be outside, and he  LOVES smelly things...mostly because he loves to roll in them!

12 months ago we discovered he had an intolerance to fat, and as a result has a cataract on his right eye. He has some light entry , but it is, therefore is his sight. We changed his diet, and watched what treats he far as possible...we have the odd blip (well we all have things we shouldn't) now and then!!

He also had an auto-immune inflammatory disease in his left eye ...and this was a threat to the sight in that eye!!

SO, I have spent the last 12 months chasing him around the house ...and WHEN I catch him...putting in eye drops!

Today we have been discharged from the vets. more drops, no more visits, no more disease
Mad as it seems I have sort of missed the exercise of chasing him round! I'm sure I will get used to it! Its strange how we miss the things we thought drove us mad.

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Amanda said...

Isn't it crazy the things we do for our pets. We've had to have our cat on a diet for the last year and take her to the vet to be weighed each month, and it hasn't been easy to resist her blandishments for treats. I'm sure we'll end up doing some equally loving things for Ruby to, things that non pet lovers will never understand.

Maggi said...

That is really good news for Sam. You will just have to take him for extra walks to get your exercise now.