Sunday, 13 November 2011


WOW! I got 2 messages....I am easily pleased!

ONE was from Michelle at I am NOW included in the Quilting Bloggers site!! This is just soooooooooooooo much fun...mind you I am in there with the BIG girls now and will have to up my game to be a "PROPER" blogger! (its a good job I am not superstitious...I am on page 13...and I am the no. blogger 13 on the page!....GOOD omens I say x)

TWO Barry (my brother) remembered to take my tribute for all the nurse, it is in the Cenotaph garden of remembrance. Mum is CONVINCED she saw him on the TV this morning...well...his coat ,or one VERY MUCH like it!

I have 3 brothers, all younger than me

This picture was taken at a B-B-Q we had this summer, it was part of the celebrations for our parents 60 th wedding anniversary. Barry is the one on the left.

Keep smiling 

Diane xx

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grandmarockton said...

Lucky you I have 4 IF you need another?