Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bonfire night

Did you remember Guy Fawkes and co today?
Did you give thanks that they did not blow up King James and co?

Well I will be doing so in a bit, I am off to a bonfire with Adam, Caroline and the boys....forecast

 is                      COLD

I have my big coat, gloves, hat,scarf, wellies!! Need I say more?

I have been at a Do-Your-Own-Thing workshop today, this is what I have been working on

I am loving this quilt

I am not going to show you it all

you will have to wait until it is finished.

Keep smiling
Diane xx


Judy said...

Thank you for your comments on my small blog. I am a LVN or LPN in other states. I have been in the system since I was 18 too, now I'm 63, a long time. I'm semi-retired and spend days sewing and love it. I'm so glad to find grandmothers, especially those who sew and quilt. Will be following you. Thank you. Judy

Amanda said...

I love fireworks, but haven't been to a display for years now, since my boys grew up and left home. I hope you enjoy yourself. Now, I'm wondering. Is that a small quilt with lazy daisies, or a large quilt with sewn stitches that look like lazy daisies, or a large quilt with large lazy daisies? I look forward to seeing it when it's finished.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog Diane. Lovely to see that you have taken the plunge. Can't wait to see the quilt in full as the stitching is lovely. Hope the boys weren't too traumatised by the fireworks. They were exceptionally noisy around here this year.