Friday, 25 November 2011

part 2

Ready for the next part?...Here goes...OH! And have the new book ,so, you have no excuses now!! Have a go girl.

I go over the pencil lines on the paper, so that it REALLY stands out..

THEN I tape it onto the window, if you have a light box that's great, I find the window works, of course you can only use this method in the day!!

Next I tape the fabric over the pattern, making sure to line up the creases so that the pattern is central to get the best use of the fabric . Remember I make it bigger than needed, so, it can always be centered when completed.

Using the pencil I mark the pattern on to the fabric.......mark IN BETWEEN  the lines, this way you can lay the bias strips over the marks and cover them up. Remember to mark where the bias goes under...and over, this again makes it easier as you go along. Keep the pattern when finished.

Check that you have all areas marked, and that you can see where you are going!

Tomorrow I will tell you about types of bias strips and how to attach them ready to complete your project.

Off to get ready for work.....gosh it has been windy and cold here today,the bit I have seen of it anyway!! NOT that I am complaining, this time last year we were knee deep in frost and       waiting for the snow!!                                                                                                                 
Keep smiling                                                                                                                               

Diane xx                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Pippa Parsons said...

lololol I can't possibly start until I've seen all of your tutorials :O) DH has picked out a simple one out of the book for me, but he hasn't decided on colours and if its going in his man room or somewhere else in the house yet, only small which means it might get finished *grin*

Maggi said...

Great tutorials. Good news too about your mum. Sorry to have missed the news but I had internet connection problems over the last week.