Wednesday, 23 November 2011

quilt group

It was quilt group in Sandbach last night...I decided to take all the examples with lots to look at.

We each had a pack with a piece of background fabric and ready cut out bias strips,

there were 6 different patterns for each of us too choose from ...depending on skill AND of course the time you feel you have to give to the project.

When the block is complete we are to return it, we will be given a raffle ticket in return

THEN a grand draw will be made and the winners will be expected to make "something" with their blocks. The no of blocks returned will decide on how many are in each "prize"

As you can see I spent today making mine...the reasons being

1. I am back at work tonight
2. I have to many other things on the go to leave it
3. Now its done I can leave it until they ask for them back...and wont forget to do it!!!

Amanda as promised I am going to do a picture tutorial on this keep watching and you will soon be able to have a go yourself.

Keep smiling

Diane xx

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