Monday, 7 November 2011


Welcome to Maggie, and thank you for the welcome message, also to found me! WHEN I gave you the right wed address!!

WELL! I just spent a miserable hour and a half!! I decided to work on my Christmas challenge, it started off not so bad, not so good...should have known then to put it away!! BUT NO I kept went down hill...FAST...and now its in the bin!!! I may just retrieve it ....or NOT!!

NEVER MIND! worse things happen...on land never mind at sea!!

ON A BRIGHT THEME these are the goodies I bought at the NEC yesterday....I could have down loaded them yesterday...but...a nap was in order!! AH! Felt better afterwards.

This braid was just too scrummy to leave behind...I am sure to find a use for it, even if that is just to look at it!

I love the glittery things.

OH! These were also in my bag, I DO know what they will be used for.

Keep smiling
Diane xx

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Anonymous said...

Sorry your challenge didn't work out too well. Things may look different in the morning. At least you have plenty of lovely things to compensate. Love that cow card and I can see why you just had to have that braid.