Sunday, 18 March 2012


To-day being Sunday it is the first day of the week ...AND the first day of holiday! Whoooo Hoooo! AH! Its a lovely thought.. and when I got up the sun was shining and it was lovely... the weather is celebrating with me xx lol

I went to have dinner with mum and dad, and, when I came home I was pottering in the garden. I love the spring, esp when all the buds start coming out and there is a promise of good things to come in the air.

The dogs were out there with me... of course xx

SO, I thought I will take a picture of them to put onto my blog.

Gus... mr poser.. was no problem..

this is a "classic" Gus pose with tongue sticking out!

THEN it came time for Sam to have his picture taken..

attempt no 2 was not much better!

 this was the best I got for today..

 he is just on the GO all the time ( wish I had that much energy x)

keep smiling

Diane xx


Jane in Wales said...

Sam made me laugh, just disappearing out of the picture!
Lovely start of your holiday - enjoy!
And I can now leave comments!!

Debra said...

Hi Di

enjoy your holiday break. I'm sure you will fill in the time well.

We're very happy that Sally has her visa at last. It actually didn't take long once it was submitted, just ages to get everything together and Sally did an admirable job of that. So organised and thorough.

I like your latest New York block, nice colours and shapes. I'll be getting stuck into some crafts soon now that I am retired.

Debra said...

Oh, meant to say that I love the doggy photos, yes, so typical.

Shaz said...

Your furkids are gorgeous - Sam is just like Priscilla - camera shy!
Have a lovely holiday and relax and enjoy.

PJ said...

I love seeing your pups. I can never get pictures of our Bobby either,