Sunday, 4 March 2012


First off a BIG Cheshire welcome to ... Evelyn, who is joining in with the fun and games (!!) with us here.xx

I am nearly finished this rota... 3 to go... which is a lovely thought. Because my sewing time is reduced, work on the wedding quilt has slowed.... BUT... I have done a small amount every evening and

                       IT IS NEARLY DONE

 SO, by the time I am off I will be ready to sew (hand) the leaves for the edge  quilting... WHO HOO! That's the bit I like best xx

I decided to give you a bit more YELLOW ... sorry Annabelle!

These little pots go with the tea pot... they sit on the shelf to chear me up... hence the layer of dust! I did give them a "blow! " to dislodge the dust before I put them back !! lol

The lid came from a coffee pot !! fits just fine xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Annabelle said...

Nooooo ... yellow will never grow on me! (Then again looking at my front door - what do I know about colour schemes?)

Carla said...

So very cute!