Saturday, 10 March 2012


so so sorry I forgot we now have 60 of us here at The Cheshire Quilter!!

BIG warm welcome to Michelle who is organising the Modern Mini Round Robin.... Adam has but the button/thingy up but it is not working!! he is going to fix it tomorrow xx

Also to Daisy... now I don't know if this is her name (!) but her blog is )

Welcome to both of you, hope you come back often xx

keep smiling

Diane xx


Annabelle said...

We all have these senior moments! xx

Daisy said...

Many thanks for the warm welcome. For what it's worth, I'm Daisy for blogging and jane in real life!
Look forward to seeing your baby quilts.

Michele said...

Well it took me long enough to find your blog since you've been following me for a bit.

Judy Blinkenberg said...

Congratulations on 60! Your blog is wonderful. I enjoy your posts.