Saturday, 31 March 2012


To-day I got up to a wonderful post.... have I mentioned recently that I LOVE my postman... don't think he knows though!!

I got a parcel from Karen... she is my first partner for the Modern Round-Robin... this is her block..

I have a couple of ideas already for what I am going to do.... next week when I am off, I have time to decide exactly WHAT xx She also sent me this lovely little thread catcher... its too nice for that ,so, I will be finding something else to put into it xx

ALSO I got these...

AHH! You may have noticed the date... THEY ARE GOING LIKE HOT CAKES!!!! Definitely something to look forwards to xx LOVE IT xx and him xx

I had a sneaky peak and the colour for April is ................. PINK !!! who chose that? NOT me!!

So, I went in search of colours to bridge PINK and YELLOW... and I found some!! There is also GREEN in all of these... YOU KNOW it is my favourite xx

The first is a bit MANIC,

I was using up some truely (is that a word?) awful fabrics that I had from who knows where! YES they are manic but they sort of went together xx ( snort!)

ALL the colours and lots of embellishments ... SO me!!

The next is a quilt that combined 2 block of the month collections... again linking all the colours together ....

embellished again!!

With this next one I gave up on the "artistic" draping of the quilts!! This one was a using up scraps one

It has been well used over the years..

NOW I have to find a PINK background I can live with for the next month !! 

Hope you are happy today... I am xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Kelly said...

I think you need to go out and get some pink things for your wardrobe ;-)

quiltmania said...

Your "awful" fabrics look wonderful together. That's the great things about scrappy quilts!

Pippa Parsons said...

oh I love the pink quilt, if you need a happy home for it ;o) it's just the kind of scrappy quilts I love...
I got a piccie of the first round robin, now trying to work out what to do, would like to get a head start now I have a few ideas, wonder if you'll get me ;o)

Annabelle said...

Yummy yummy pink!!! I am so excited! xx

Michele said...

Very interesting center block for the Round Robin. I too have recieved the one I'll be working on this month. I have a couple of ideas and hope to get it done before the end of next week.