Friday, 30 March 2012


Oh dear! The sun seems to have gone away for a while (hopefully not too long x). I know it is more "normal" weather for this time of year... but it is rather sad to have clouds and low temperatures again xx

I am SO much happier with the BLUE background for this times New-York-Beauty..

I need to decide how I am going to quilt it now...

Josh (grandson no 1) is coming for tea tonight... so once again I have to go look in the cupboards for something to feed him with .. the boys got fed last night with NO complaints.... OH!! THE PRESSURE xx LOL xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Kelly said...

Oh the blue is def rocking this block, it looks fab!

quiltmania said...

Each block looks better than the last. Keep it up!

Debra said...

The NY blocks are terrific Di and I love the badge. What a great gift.

I had a lovely morning at a fabric screen printing workshop, could be seriously addictive!! I'll put a photo of the fabric I printed on FB soon. I plan to embroider and embellish it for a wallhanging in our new house.

Sally got her 2nd taste of the Australian countryside this week on the long drive to Dubbo. I'm pleased that the amount of rain we have had this summer meant that the trees are lovely and lush. Euculypts (the predominant tree in the Australian landscape) drop their leaves all year (they are evergreens) but when it is very dry they shed more leaves to allow the tree to need less water. They then look rather sparse and raggedy. She also got a big dose of family, on Craig's side this time. Craig is the eldest of 8 grandchildren and there are 28 Great Grandchildren, all were in attendance at the funeral & wake for their Grandfather/great Grandfather. Even though it was a sad time and an end of an era in this family as we laid Poppy to rest, it was also wonderful to all be together and Craig & I & the family were very pleased that Sally & Blair were able to be there.