Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I am back at work to night... wonder if the lovely weather will reduce the number of admissions we have ... or will it just be the usual mania? We will see !

It was quilt group in Congleton (Beartown) last night, LOTS of owls came to show-and-tell, some finished ... some not xx ALL wonderful.

Because of the Easter holidays  we will not meet for 4 weeks so... somehow... I have ended up with TWO lots of hexagons to make into lozenge shapes! How do I get talked into these things?!! (for new readers ... this is a group quilt that is being made for a raffle... from donated fabric x)

We had a make evening..

I did not make it last night ... but I will when I am next off, I find it is best to concentrate.... AND ... you ALWAYS leave the "ideal" fabric at home when you do these things xx

Annabelle, you do not have much longer to have to be exposed to YELLOWlol, I have not looked at the colour for April yet.... fingers crossed it will be something you like better xx .... wonder what background I will be "inflicting" on you all this time ? xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Carla said...

I spy some hexagons : )

Annabelle said...

Phew - glad about that! Love the bunny pattern - looks simple. Today am making little (flat Stanley like) bunnies for the grandkids for Easter and this looks better than the pattern I was about to use. Thanks. Enjoy those nights. xx