Thursday, 1 March 2012


Happy St Davids day... mind you it is nearly over! I did not have any daffodils .... but I did find this crocus in the garden, the sun came out and cheered us all up. ( for anyone who doesn't know St David is the patron Saint of Wales)

DID YOU NOTICE THE NEW BACKGROUND?.... could you miss it? For about 5 mins I had a light background with fluffy chicks on it!!!!!!!!!!! NO, it wasn't me lol... so I found this one instead xx Wouldn't you just LOVE some fabric like it? I would xx

This fabric is my YELLOW offering for today...

It is the back of this one...

remember I bought the panel at the Quilters Guild day?

It is for one of the girls I work with.. she just found out she is having a boy..

These animals are MAD... but I sort of like them..

The quilting is just very simple zig zag, we ALL know what babies DO on anything!!

Keep  smiling

(whoops! Just remembered to welcome Debbie! Better late than forgot all to gether xx)

Diane xx 


Karen said...

Very cute baby quilt. I love the backing fabric and your background on the bog. I don't know anything about St. David but have a great day.

Gisela Suski said...

I love your crocus and the plant next to it. The yellow fabric is fabulous and so is the quilt. I have been reading instead of quilting, tomorrow I will make a pillowcase for a girls birthday.

quiltmania said...

Yes, I'm certain the baby will be spitting up all over the quilt. Isn't that what baby quilts are for. LOL.

Shaz said...

I love this quilt - it is such fun!