Thursday, 22 March 2012


To day is beautiful, its crisp and cool with GLORIOUS sunshine, so, the first thing I did was potter in the garden

I brushed and pulled up weeds and generally enjoyed the sunshine ....

and "others" did too..

The second thing I did was finish off this months challenge. The colour is YELLOW

so lots of squares were cut out (more bugs you notice x). Then I fused letters to many coloured squares... 2 the same each time...

next, I cut up lots of those bits of  wadding (batting) you get when you trim quilts... and then can not throw away, but don't know what to do with either!

THEN I sewed them together (OK ,not all today... they are pretty BORING to do... so over the last couple of weeks a few at a time!!)and now....

I have a game... for spelling, matching up, learning the alphabet... any number of uses AND there has to be a bag to keep them in ...more YELLOW ..

Now the theme was Easter... SO I cheated... and spelt it out!!

AND THE THIRD THING?... sit down if you are of a nervous disposition.... I washed the car!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx


mammafairy said...

Come wash my car anytime! I do not recall last time it was done!

If you can get away Saturday, you could take an outing to Patchfinders in Cheadle- Probably a similar distance from you to abakhan, just the opposite direction!
I am hoping to go in the afternoon, for their 20% off sale. Dragging my daughter along too!

Celine said...

I love your square blocks, such a pretty idea!
Well done on the New York Beauty blocks, they are stunning. Sadly I haven't been further than printing the pattern. Maybe one day...

quiltmania said...

What a great idea to use up some scraps of batting and a little fabric. And when the kids dump them out of the bag, they will make a lot less noise than a bunch of blocks! And washing the car, have you lost your mind. You are just asking for it to rain. LOL!