Saturday, 10 March 2012


Today I have been to Frodsham (about an hours drive) to the Quilters Guild Regional day. You may remember I could not remember who the speakers were to be!!

WELL... in the morning we had Ann Fleeton, she is a textile artist from Dublin. Her work is stunning. She was an excellent speaker, some slides and LOTS of show and tell. She has a web site ( ) where you can see her work. She is soo passionate about her subjects and also knowledgeable ... she was a definite hit xx

The afternoon speaker was Celia Eddy, she spoke to us about Lucy Bolton and her patchwork ( )she also was passionate and knowledgeable... however it did not work so well. it did not help that it was after dinner, the curtains were drawn and the lights off !! BUT she also needs to rethink her presentation... a slide up for ten mins while she reads her notes is NOT a good way to hold an audience!! There were many nodding heads!! Shame, because what she had to say WAS interesting ( I thought so anyway) x

At dinner time I did manage to visit the traders!

These 2 panels will come in for baby quilts..

This fabric was £4 a metre!! Could not leave it behind..

My friend Sue ( who came to see South Pacific with us) is a physio and I have been looking out for some fabric for a project I have in mind for her... so this also jumped into my hands xx..

Just had my tea and my cup of tea is calling

Keep smiling

Diane xx

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Sarah Lou said...

The zigzag fabric is gorgeous - and a bargain too!