Monday, 5 March 2012

competition ..... or not?

First a warm welcome to Sue ,who has just joined us... and the world of blogging ( ), hopefully she will get just as involved and addicted as the rest of us xx lol

I love swaps, and I like challenges.Congleton quilt group (Beartown) have a quilt show every 2-3 years where members work is displayed... and I always enter my work in that .... HOWEVER .... I am not an enterer of competitions. I think it is wonderful that other people do, and I love to see their designs, interpretation of themes and their ingenuity... not for me though.

SO last year when the Quilters Guild announced a swap/competition I thought NO......

Then I thought about it and thought ... why not?

SO I had a go. It send fabric in, this was then swapped with German quilters, the fabric that came back was to be made into a wall hanging measuring 32 x 16 inches.

THIS was my entry (we were NOT to post about it, or share pictures until the  "winners" were announced.. )

I really enjoyed making it

and of course it was mainly GREEN!

with LOTS of embellishments

I was not selected to be part of the 30 (out of 79 entries) that will go on display

BUT I don't mind ... because in my mind (and WHAT a place that is!!!) it is a winner .. and I LOVE having it on my wall xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Sarah Lou said...

There's an awful lot of hard work gone into that, its lovely. Hope you enjoy looking at it every day!

Kelly said...

It's really pretty! I am not generaly a competition either, far too lazy ;-)x

Maggi said...

Definitely a winner. I understand that some of the fabrics received by UK quilters were really dire.

quiltmania said...

Good for you for entering. It makes you stretch a little, and that is good for all of us now and then.

Mad about Craft said...

Good for your for entering! I'm not an 'enterer' either.

Annabelle said...

Lovely panel - do enjoy it yourself - looks like a winner to me. xx

Ola said...

Lovely, people who chose the winners might have slight sight problem, I say... :) x x

Carla said...

It's wonderful and you enjoyed doing it. Great job.